Saturday, February 22, 2014



Given the invention of photography, why would anyone still have an interest in commissioning a house portrait?

It will not be more accurate.

Do you want a stranger to look at picture of your house over an extended period of time, study its details to a shadow of the degree to which you know them?
Would you prefer that someone has held that image in their mind for hours, rather than seconds?

The colors in a photograph are truer, the lines are straighter.

Is there something more human about a portrait that has run itself through the eyes and hand of a stranger?
Do you think there’s something beautiful about mistakes?

 Recently, I was part of a conversation regarding machines performing the jobs of medical personnel.  Machines could be programmed, tested, tried, programmed to meet your exact needs: checking your blood pressure, measuring your weight, graded to meet your goals at a preset course, responsive, providing support.

In a hundred years, is there still something you'd prefer about a human being the first one to get you out of bed after your surgery, to hand you your towel out of the shower, to walk with you down the hallway?

Art is not a handicraft, it is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced. 
~Leo Tolstoy

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