Saturday, April 2, 2016

A Friendship Club

Happy April -- or should I say, National Occupational Therapy month!  Occupational therapy addresses everyday activities that OCCUPY your time during the day.  In a nursing home, this often includes Activities of Daily Living: dressing, bathing, grooming, toileting, cooking...or whatever is relevant for an individual.  

sketch by one of "my" patients...sometimes the worlds of art and OT overlap
Here are some memorable quotes I've heard working in a nursing home for the last 1.5+ years.  

Me: Do you know what day today is?
Her: What day was it yesterday?

Me: Do you know the name of this place where you are right now (rehab gym)?
Him: I don’t know.  A Bowling alley?  A Friendship Club?

These are your ideas or government ideas that they give you to use? - practicing getting on/off toilet

I sure don’t know the month or day; I don’t think it’s necessary to.  

I heard you but I don’t want to hear you.

Not only do I have to live here; I have to do the cooking. – regarding using Rehab kitchen

(seeing a therapist talking to a patient across the room): Looks like there’s about to be a fight over there.  I’m for the little lady in the wheelchair.  That’s right.  Slug her.

I don’t want to put on too much.  It looks trashy with too much. – 95 year old, regarding lipstick

Me: Do you know how to check the messages on your phone?  Did your family write down the steps for you?
Her: Yes, here it is:  Step #1: Open the flip phone.  Oh my goodness, they must think I’m an idiot. 

Tell him to get the hell out of my side of the room! – regarding his roommate, who is bedbound

Me: That takes a lot of fine motor coordination and good vision.
Her: It really does and it’s not for old folks.  – 95 year old, replacing her own hearing aide batteries

Oh, that damn old thing. – 102 year old’s response to me bringing her walker

That’s my name!  At least it used to be.  I don’t know what the hell it is now. – 102 year old

I’m making them walk with me.  They may not want to, but I’m making them walk with me. – regarding her shoes

Her:  I named my walker, “Erin.”
Erin: Oh, I feel honored.
Her:  Yes, you should until I throw it into the river.

Her: Are you going to stay here with me?
Me: No, but I wish I could.
Her: I want you to do more than wish.  I want you to.  It’s very important.  I know it is. Because God told me so.